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Creative Organizing Solutions

Bringing Professional Organizing Services to Your Home, Office, and Life.
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Feeling Overwhelmed?

​I am here to help, serving the Treasure Coast, Palm Beach and surrounding areas.

Are you feeling overwhelmed with your unorganized home or office?  It’s tough not having enough time or motivation to organize your home or office. Days turn into weeks and weeks turn into months, papers keep piling up, the garage is packed full, your kids’ rooms are a disaster, your office is a mess... When will it all end?

Well, here are your options:


Do it yourself – If you can find the time and energy, this method is cost effective and will get the job done. However, without good “systems”, things will easily return to “disaster” status.

Make your family or friends come over and help you for free – Just ignore all the moaning and groaning you will get and you should be fine. But without the essential organizational “systems”, things could go bad.

Hire a professional organizer – If you’ve just about had it with your unorganized home or office and you can’t stand even thinking about it... this is your best bet. Not only will a good professional organizer help you create organizational systems, but he/she will make sure those systems work flawlessly with you and your family’s lifestyle. And of course, the professional organizer will work with you and organize everything you’d like without any complaints or moaning!

If you are at that point where you’re ready to hire someone to handle your unorganized areas entirely for you, without the stress, I offer many services and solutions to help you do just that!

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Our Services

Offering professional organizing services for residential, small businesses and senior living needs across Treasure Coast, Palm Beach County and surrounding areas. Please see our services listed below. 

Who Am I?

​Hi, my name is Linda and I’m a professional organizer who is ready to help you tackle your unorganized areas and partner with you to get and stay organized! We work together in a relaxed and non-judgmental way to create a system that will work for you and your family. 

As the owner of Creative Organizing Solutions, I am excited to share my passion of order and simplicity. An organized space is my happy place and nothing brings me greater joy than making a client’s space stylishly functional!

I would love to help you create the space and life you deserve! Contact me for a free
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Creative Organizing Solutions

"I had always craved organization but have never been able to achieve it. As my children moved out of the house and into college I thought that I could finally get my home in order. Instead, I found myself completely overwhelmed by the accumulation of stuff that had collected over the years “to be sorted later”.I called Linda for help. Linda came in and brought calm and order. She helped me create a plan that was tailored to my situation. Then she was there throughout to put the plan into action. Together we decided how much I wanted to be involved and she took care of the rest. We worked at my pace and the pace of the family as we became accustomed to the new organized system in each room.I knew we had achieved success without a doubt when I overheard my husband tell a friend, “I didn’t think much of organizing the house until I walked into my closet and could find my clothes! I can even find documents in the file cabinet.”I look forward to having Linda back regularly to tweak the system when needed and she’s just a call away for moral support. She made the impossible happen. Thanks Linda!"

Donna M.

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